Week of Prayer for World Peace

peace-01A liturgy, together with a reflection entitled “The Importunate Widow” – both prepared by Rosalie Sugrue – for the beginning of the Week of World Prayer, and a collection of prayers for use during the Week of prayer for World Peace, prepared by Paddy Payne, have been added to our Church Year resources page.  Scroll down to the bottom of page and look under “Ordinary Time” …

Some sources give the dates for the Week of Prayer for World Peace as 9-16 October 2016, others as 16-23 October 2016, while yet another simply says from the 3rd to the 4th Sundays in October – perhaps two weeks of prayer for world peace would not actually go amiss!


Prayer for Peace

week-of-prayer-for-world-peaceThis year’s  Week of Prayer for World Peace will be 16-23 October 2016, and Linda Cowan has shared a prayer for peace from the front page of their website.  You can find the prayer on our Prayers and Blessings resources page, and the link to the website has been added under “Ordinary Time” at the bottom of our Church Year resources page.

A Prayer and a Blessing

Two items extracted from the recent Canterbury Lay Preachers Association Newsletter for the Season of Creation have been added to our prayer resources page today.  One is a prayer of thanksgiving for companion animals, written by Joy Kingsbury-Aitken –

peace-and-justice-01We thank you for the animals
who live with us as pets;
sharing their lives with us
and giving their affection to us, …

and the other is a blessing for Social Justice Sunday, celebrated on 25 September.

Prayer of Lament for Father’s Day

lament 01A contribution from Joy Kingsbury-Aitken this week, entitled “Prayer of Lament for Father’s Day.”  And Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, 4 September.

Today we pray for fathers …

Fathers living where earthquakes have struck
Mourning for beloved children buried in the rubble
Fathers living where bombs have been dropped
Mourning for beloved children buried in the rubble.  …

 The prayer can be found on our prayers page.


Two prayers

This week we have added two new prayers – one for children (ages 0-99+):

Dear God, you know what?
I reckon coming to church
is like a “come as you are party.”  …

The other is for the dedication of the offering.

God of justice,
we have received so much from you,
and we gladly respond with the abundance of our giving.  …

The complete prayers can both can be found on our prayer resources page, and the “Come as you are” prayer can also be found on the Children’s resources page.

And – did you know that most of the websites from which we obtain these tid-bits also contain lots of other interesting liturgical elements?  Check them out and add them to your list of favourite sources!

A Winter Prayer

winterWinter has finally arrived, and here (on the prayer resources page) is a prayer sent in by Linda Cowan – it can also be found here (amongst the seasons of the year – Winter is at the bottom of the page).

And, like bulbs, may we continue to grow and open inside, despite the cold,
Ready for the spring, to stretch and grow towards justice.

Peace Sunday – 7 August

August 7th is Peace Sunday, the day after Hiroshima Day.  Christian World Service may have an order of service (though not yet).  They do have some archived services from past years with good material – check under the heading Conflict and Peace.

Here is the first part of a Prayer for Peace which has been added to our Prayers page

Lord, we pray for the power to be gentle,
the strength to be forgiving,
the patience to be understanding,
and the endurance to accept the consequences
of holding to what we believe to be right.