Week of Prayer for World Peace

peace-01A liturgy, together with a reflection entitled “The Importunate Widow” – both prepared by Rosalie Sugrue – for the beginning of the Week of World Prayer, and a collection of prayers for use during the Week of prayer for World Peace, prepared by Paddy Payne, have been added to our Church Year resources page.  Scroll down to the bottom of page and look under “Ordinary Time” …

Some sources give the dates for the Week of Prayer for World Peace as 9-16 October 2016, others as 16-23 October 2016, while yet another simply says from the 3rd to the 4th Sundays in October – perhaps two weeks of prayer for world peace would not actually go amiss!

Prayer for Peace

week-of-prayer-for-world-peaceThis year’s  Week of Prayer for World Peace will be 16-23 October 2016, and Linda Cowan has shared a prayer for peace from the front page of their website.  You can find the prayer on our Prayers and Blessings resources page, and the link to the website has been added under “Ordinary Time” at the bottom of our Church Year resources page.