Philip and the Ethiopian

This play, by Joy Kingsbury-Aitken, is based on Acts 8:26-40, and was written with youth groups in mind.

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The studio of a Christian radio station.
Three people, wearing headphones, are seated around a microphone.

Radio Announcer: Christian radio welcomes you to this week’s episode of “The History of the Church”. Today our panel of church historians will be discussing the coming of Christianity to Ethiopia.

Panel, to begin with, would you share with our listeners some fascinating facts about the church in this North African nation.

First panellist: It may interest our listeners to know that the Egyptian Coptic and Ethiopian Orthodox churches are the only expressions of Christianity in the continent of Africa that predate the witness of western missionaries. Christianity was recognised as the state religion of Ethiopia in the fourth century, only a few years after Constantine made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire.

Announcer: So Christianity has existed in Ethiopia for a very long time.

Second panellist: Indeed. There were Christians in this part of Africa from the first century. The indigenous Ethiopian church has been a great survivor. …

Download the script