Spiritual Blindness – a reflection

Related imageSpiritual blindness:

Does this sound familiar and relate to us, the people of today?

  • People are spiritually blind
  • People do not recognize the call of the Lord
  • People do not accept their responsibilities
  • People do not feel or acknowledge the presence of God in their lives

Then we ask why?

Spiritual blindness comes from lack of exercising our spiritual eyes.  We all know if we don’t exercise we lose some of our abilities.  If we don’t exercise and keep on practising what we are good at in our different fields of expertise we will lose that and it will fade away.

And, so, we keep on walking or running every day.  If we just sit we lose the spiritual will and physical ability.  Our body will become weaker and we will not be able to walk.

There is no difference with spiritual exercises – reading our Bible, praying to God, studying his word and attending Church and events to ensure we maintain and improve our vision regard God’s word and the ability to understand it when we see it.

If our eyes become weak, we go to an optometrist for glasses or have an operation to see better.  If our spiritual eyes get weak, we go to the Lord to clear our vision and see what he wants us to see.  His love. his grace, his protection.  Amen.

Pieter Jacobs, President, NZLPA


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