Linda writes:

A contribution for this week from Lynne Frith – found in Signs and Wonders 1.  I really like this and find myself wondering if this idea could be used in small group worship.

“In a medicine pouch I carry
Blessings that keep me connected.

clownA clown from a Christmas cracker:
A blessing on all clowns and comedians and funny people.

One of Joan’s small green frogs:
A blessing on all that hops and leaps and croaks and chirps.

A threepence out of a Christmas pudding:
A blessing on all celebrations, feasts, and festivities.

A tiny hubcap from papa’s workshop:
A blessing on all who fix, repair, and rebuild.

The friendship bracelet made by Arthur:
A blessing on all our friends.

A giraffe:
A blessing on all that is tall and lanky and reaches the unreachable.

Grandad’s pocket magnifying glass:
shellA blessing on all that enlarges the vision.

A shell from a Wellington beach:
A blessing on all that ebbs and flows.

A stone from Mt Tamalpais:
A blessing on all adventures.

The spirit’s eye brought by a friend from Greece:
A blessing on all that protects and keeps safe.

A piece of windscreen glass:
A blessing on all that shatters and is fragmented.

A piece of amethyst:
crossA blessing on all that is reflective.

Add to these my mother’s small wooden cross:
A blessing on all things of the spirit.

A blessing on all that is, and has been, and is to come.”