First Day of Lockdown

Greetings All,

On this ‘unprecedented stressful day’ with the whole county closing down you probably haven’t taken time to read the MCNZ message from the Pope that invites all Christians all over the world to unite by saying the LORD’S PRAYER at MID-DAY TODAY. (That is actually mid-day in Rome, so you have until midnight, but the Pope made it quite clear that anywhere, anytime was quite ok.)

You are unlikely to have read this by then but it is a lovely idea. You may like to intentionally say the Lord’s Prayer every day at mid-day reminding yourself the world is in this together and no matter what we stand firm in our faith. ‘There is never a time to stop believing’ – may the radio pips prompt you to pray!

Terrible though this pandemic is, the reaction of the world is so much better than past terrible world crises when people have united to hate and harm each other.

Let’s not get ICE-OLATED let’s stay WARMLY-CONNECTED with faith messages and fun messages. Keep on acknowledging the Divine in everyone.

Namaste [‘nam-astay’],


Christmas Women, by Rosalie Sugrue


Women talking to Women, sharing encounters with Mary

by Rosalie Sugrue

A set of Meditation and Bible readings and suitable for:

Any Advent Service, or Christmas Eve Candle-lighting Service
(5 female and 1-5 male reader/s for lessons, plus worship leader)

Advent Devotions (5 female readers – omit Carols & Bible Readings)

A series of Advent Candle Meditations (2-10 readers)


Meditation 1:   ‘Carol our Christmas’ 30 – Look towards Christmas… verses 1 & 2
[or ‘WOV’ 200 – Come thou long expected Jesus… verses 1 & 2]

Luke 1:5-13

Elizabeth (Mary’s cousin) talks with Anna

Related imageI had a special dinner waiting for Zechariah (KJV, Zacharias). I was so proud of him! As you know Anna, not many small-town priests get the honour of entering the Holy of Holies. I’m so glad you saw him go in. Didn’t he look fine in his robes? If only you had been there when his duties were over! He arrived home in a terrible state. He tried to tell me what had happened but he couldn’t speak – not one word could he get out. I was really worried, thought he had contracted some terrible illness. But he looked healthy enough, in fact he looked…radiant is the word that comes to mind. Well, there he was flinging his arms around and trying to mime something. This is crazy, I said, and went and got the slate.  …

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