Canterbury LPA Training Day

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CLPA Poster 2019


Auckland Ecumenical Lay Preachers Gathering

Preaching to our various learning styles

On the 3rd May 2019 Marilyn Welch gave a huge insight into how our individual learning styles are so diverse.  Our first question to answer was “What words come to mind when you hear the word ‘preaching’?”  Each one of us wrote a list and each list did not contain the same words as the person sitting next to us.

Then we were challenged by further questioning.  What were your learning experiences like at school?  What frustrates you in a learning experience?  Is it that you can’t hear what the speaker is saying?  Is the delivery, what is being said, far from clear in content and volume?  Is the person speaking too fast and not giving you thinking time to assimilate what is being said?

We played a game: shock horror!  However, the outcome revealed that by only being given three rules we could achieve far more than we’d ever imagined.  We pooled our ideas and so ways to achieve were diverse but opened our eyes to different routes to success.  We had to go through this process to realise that we as adults tend to over- think!


Marilyn introduced us to the work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the 1970’s: people tend to have a primary representational system, through which they process information.  We examined the visual , auditory ,and Kinaesthetic  learning cycles and then went on to examine the Experiential Learning Cycle.  We learnt to identify our own style of learning in depth.

We were reminded that our congregations also have diversity in their styles of learning.  Should more people be involved in worship?  A “hands-on” experience for a kinaesthetic approach?  Andrew Gammon’s “Ten Minutes on a Tuesday” on the Methodist Website uses “Stations” where people move around the church to experience tactile interactions.  Some of the congregation will want to know the relevance, but if we operate out of only our own learning style then we are not meeting the needs of  each individual member of the congregation.

It’s the various personalities that we meet: there are those who are imaginative and ask “why?” and require reasons; those who are Analytical ask “What?” and require facts; those who ask “How?” and display common sense patterns; and those who ask “What if?” and perceive the bigger picture.

Once our learning styles had been revealed to each one of us we were put into groups containing four people, one of each learning style.  We then planned a service together.  The ideas were wide and implicit to including our preferred learning styles: this ensured that the planned service included all.  It would be so uplifting if each church had a worship group who planned a service and took ownership of it with the variety of learning styles.  We can now see the value of sitting down with others to prepare a service.

Marilyn has made us question why we do, what we do and how we do it  each week when leading worship.  In our approaches to planning future Services we will have a sensitivity to others learning styles through what we’ve learnt today!

Linda Hall, NZLPA Correspondence Secretary

Auckland Ecumenical Lay Preachers Gathering – 11 May 2019

A Date to put in your diary:

Saturday 11 May 2019
–  9.30am-12.30pm  –

St Paul’s Methodist Church
St Vincent Avenue, Remuera

Cost – $10.00

Workshop/Presentation by:  Rev Marilyn Welch

“Each of us takes in information differently.  Yet sermons are usually written and delivered as if we all the same.  This workshop will help you understand your learninglearning-style and the way you process information and, together with others who have different styles, create a worship experience that will be meaningful for most members of your congregation.”

Please register your attendance by
3 May
with Linda Hall

Phone: 09 521 5360

Please bring a plate



Auckland Ecumenical Lay Preachers’ gathering, 24 Nov 2018

Auckland Nov 18

Eighteen gathered to hear Rev Bob Franklyn introduce “Fresh Expressions of Church”  which was conceived in the UK and was introduced into NZ in 2010. We examined the changes in our society over the past 20 years: a big one being theology versus the developments in science, changing relationships, changing cultures, less knowledge of Faith, and a deep spiritual hunger. Church culture can stifle creativity. Churches can frame regulations and structures to order its life and protect against error, but these can create a “can’t do” rather than a “can do” mindset. People can feel restricted and disempowered.

We examined what is meant by church and were in fits of laughter with “Mr Bean Goes to Church” and a smile was left on our lips when it was mentioned spot the Protestants in Mass because they were just behind in the rituals, which led to “What makes Church Church?”

We were asked to design our own church. Everyone seemed to have space that could be utilised in many ways and one the great idea of a huge pop-up tent wherever it was needed. We were alerted to the wanting to please The People. Church has become the centre and we’re not meeting the needs of those on the edge. Bob said “He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.  It is the people, it is the people, it is the people.”

We examined Acts 2 verses 42-47 in a negative way and we were shocked because the realisation that all the Apostles did really became so magnificent and fresh. Church should be an invitation to come as you are. Not just for those who are regulars or members but for future members: We were encouraged to put aside the things that were a hindrance. Bob talked of the Christ-shaped hole in us that cannot be filled by horoscope or palm readings.

A shared Morning Tea gave us time to get to know each other and then Linda Hall of Morning teaNZLPA extolled its virtues for Lay Preachers with access to the Website ( for preaching material, news of courses and Gatherings. The membership of $25 waged and $20 unwaged includes receiving “Word & Worship” booklets by post, 4 times a year.

Bob Franklyn continued by saying that Fresh Expression of church is a form of church for our changing culture established primarily for the benefit of people who are not yet members of any church. The principles of listening, service and making disciples will have the potential to become a mature expression of Church shaped by Gospel and the enduring marks of The Church in the cultural context.

Fresh Expressions of Church is not taking away Sunday services. It is held at a time and place suitable for the community. But first a careful look at the community needs consideration; it’s demographics, the venue, a group of 5-8 lay people to get it off the ground; the styles of Church with Christ at the centre. 60% of all fresh Expressions is lay-led. Do not give up if you have failures!

A formative journey underpinned by prayer and an on-going listening relationship within the wider Church. A Listening, Loving and serving, Building community, Exploring discipleship, Church taking shape, DO IT, Gathered and centred in Christ, and DO IT AGAIN! The formats are numerous, but best to devise what is needed by your community or based on “Fresh Expressions” examples like Messy Church once a month art and craft all age involvement, Songs and a cuppa for the Old, Konnections; Morning Tea and a God Slot. Zac’s Place (Based on Zacchaeus) and open to all in the city using Bible study as a basis in a café setting. Bread Making in a Bakery-come-café setting. It’s Church Planting Jim, but not as we know it! (Taken from Star Trek speech.) It’s a development that is attractional: Come, Go and then come, go and stay with Fresh Expressions, form a community away from the Main Church but utilizing Church buildings.

Linda Hall
Correspondence Secretary
of the New Zealand Lay Preachers Association. (NZLPA)

Auckland Ecumenical Lay Preachers Gathering

Preach 2 Inspire

Auckland Ecumenical Lay Preacher’s Gathering

Saturday 24th November 2018  –  9.30am – 12.30pm
St Johns College, 202 – 210 St Johns Road, Auckland

“Fresh Expressions of Church for Lay Preachers”
A changing Church for a changing world
with Bob Franklyn

Register please by 17th November 2018

Please bring a plate for a shared morning tea
Contact:  Linda Hall –  ph. (09) 521 5360

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Auckland Ecumenical Lay Preachers Gathering

Date:  Saturday 7 July – 9.30am-12.30pm

Venue:  St John’s College, 202-210 St Johns Road
Auckland 1072

“Life And All Its Emotions”
Preaching from the Psalms, with Lynne J. Wall

“An insight into the NZLPA”
with Linda Hall

Linda will share the Objectives of the Association and some good news
stories of events held recently.

It will also be an opportunity for Lay Preachers to
ask questions,
express their views,
and identify how the Executive can be of most help to our members.

calendarCost:  $10.00 – pay on the day
Please bring a plate for a shared Morning Tea
Plenty of parking

Please email Linda to secure a place

Download an A4 poster for your noticeboard!