A Novel Approach to Bible Study for Lent

Greens and GreysbIf you are looking for study group material that is different, edgy, and relevant, and want to be part of a group that gets people sharing what being Christian means to them. And, how their faith affects their lives, these studies fill that brief.

Instead of giving up something for Lent, do something for Lent – read a novel.

Greens and Greys relates stories of growing up in a conservative Christian home on the West Coast, having faith extended and challenged by student life in Christchurch in the 1960s, an OE in the UK, and returning to raise a Christian family NZ. By encountering ordinary, and some extraordinary incidents, the protagonist, Molly, finds herself in situations that relate to a variety of sensitive issues of our time.  ….


You can obtain a pdf copy of the introduction to the study by clicking here.  And the free study guide from Philip Garside Publisher is two-thirds of the way down this page, which features author Rosalie Surgue and her work.