Two poems for Kaikoura, 14 Nov 2016

Rosalie Sugrue has sent in two poems from American pastor and poet, Maren C Tirabassi, for inclusion in our resources.  Both relate to the earthquakes of 14 November 2016.  The first specifically relates to the effects on Kaikoura:

God is not in the earthquake,
and God is not in the landslides,
rockfalls, terrible rains,
aftershocks, tsunamis.

God is in evacuators of Kaikoura, …

The second makes a comparison between recent political appointments in the USA and the seismic events in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  Both are prayers, both are reflective – they would both find a place in a liturgy remembering Kaikoura.  They can be found at the top of our Prayers and Blessings page.



Prayer of Lament for Father’s Day

lament 01A contribution from Joy Kingsbury-Aitken this week, entitled “Prayer of Lament for Father’s Day.”  And Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, 4 September.

Today we pray for fathers …

Fathers living where earthquakes have struck
Mourning for beloved children buried in the rubble
Fathers living where bombs have been dropped
Mourning for beloved children buried in the rubble.  …

 The prayer can be found on our prayers page.