Lent and Easter 2019

Introducing their collection of resources (many of them original) for Lent and Easter 2019, Joy Kingsbury-Aitken and Linda Cowan of the Canterbury Lay Preachers Association write:

We thought it might be helpful this year to look at the days that make up the 46 days of Lent as well as Easter Day and the days beyond, and explore some of the special events along the way as well as looking briefly at the significance of Lent.

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An Easter Poem


This is my day
A day of rest
A day of hope
A day of peace and happiness.
This is the day the Lord has made
A day to sing
A day to praise
A day to become one in the Spirit.
This is the day that the Lord has made
This is my day
This is your day
This is our day.

Doreen Alexander, Guyana, in Margaret Hebblethwaite, ed., The Living Spirit: Readings for the Christian Year – A Tablet Anthology (Norwich, UK: The Canterbury Press, 2000), p. 242.

Confession and Forgiveness – an Easter prayer

We serve a risen Saviour yet live as if in chains. Forgive us, Lord that we are so hesitant to live the resurrection life. Forgive us that we fail to show through word and action the truth that you loved us into your kingdom through the glorious mystery of the Cross. Forgive us that there is still fear in our lives that prevents us from achieving our full potential. Draw us close. Open our eyes to the glory of the risen Christ, our hearts to the wonder of the Cross and our hands to the service of your kingdom where you have placed us. That your name might be glorified through our lives. AMEN.

God of resurrection
of life and death
All: Renew our hearts and minds

confession-and-reconciliationGod of promise
of all beginnings
and all endings
All: Renew our hearts and minds

God of hope
of new growth
and harvest
All: Renew our hearts and minds

From http://www.faithandworship.com/liturgy_Easter_Sunday.htm#ixzz1mVnvcQMf

An Easter Litany of Praise

The risen Christ meets us at the tomb, and turns our tears to joy
For your love and goodness
we give you thanks, O God.

Christ comes through our locked doors, and turns our fear to courage.
For your love and goodness
we give you thanks, O God.

Christ comes to daily life and work, and turns our failure to new vision.
For your love and goodness
we give you thanks, O God.

Christ breaks the bread, and turns our despair to hope.
For your love and goodness
we give you thanks, O God.

If you were not risen,
Lord Christ, to whom would we go
to discover a radiance
of the face of God?

If you were not risen
we would not be together
seeking your communion.
We would not find in your presence
wellspring of a new beginning.

If you were not risen,
where would we draw the energy
for following you
right to the end of our existence,
for choosing you again and anew?

Brother Roger of Taize

Easter Resources from Linda Cowan and Joy Kingsbury-Aitken

Joy begins the newsletter from the Canterbury Lay Preachers Association …

Linda and I have assembled a resource with an Easter theme this time. As always we hope you find the collection of prayers and poems we have compiled inspiring, encouraging and useful in your personal worship and lay preaching ministry.

This resource begins with material inspired by John chapter 20, which tells of Peter and the Beloved Disciple running to the garden tomb after Mary Magdalene had reported to them that the body of Jesus was missing, followed by Mary’s encounter with the risen Christ.

Last Christmas, when my husband and I were packing our motorhome in preparation for our annual summer holiday, I popped in three books for holiday reading. One was a novel written by a good friend and former work colleague, in which she recreates the amazing story of her ancestor, who was born an illegitimate daughter of Australian convicts and rose up through the social ranks to eventually become a friend of King Louis Philippe of France. The second was a book on container gardening, and the third a Mary Magdalenebook on Mary Magdalene. Apart from this eclectic selection of reading material, I also took away with me a bronchial infection which didn’t respond to antibiotics. Consequently I didn’t do much during our holiday, including much reading.

The novel and the gardening book remains untouched, but I have completed the book on Mary Magdalene, which was a fascinating read, although I did question some of its contents.  …

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12 September: Humour in the hymns of Colin Gibson

29 August: Ariana Tikao, Maori woman musicican

15 August: Bek Coogan, Wellington International Ukelele Orchestra

1 August: No Peace without Justice, No Justice without Peace.

20 June: Natalie Yeoman Yule, Presbyterian singer/songwriter

5 June: Hymns for Pentecost

23 May: Dave Dobbyn

4 April: Hymns for Easter

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