May 2018 Auckland Ecumenical Lay Preacher’s Gathering

And it’s all happening again this coming Saturday, 19 May – get the details here

On Saturday 12 May a keen group of people with their laptops learnt how to improve their PowerPoint skills. Andrew Gamman explained how a black background with white lettering was easiest for congregations to read and sing using PowerPoint presentations.

Andrew then took us briefly from the past to present day Church: noting the transformation that the digital age has made. He referred to himself and us as digital immigrants who do struggle with this computer age. He termed our children as digital natives who were born into a digital age have grown up with mobile devices.

We must move from communicating with just words to using images. Many people are now visual learners. Teaching styles often encompass discovery methods. New generations believe in many things but look for an authentic spiritual experience. Therefore explanations of facts are being side-lined by experiencing God through a journey of discovery. Methods of worship are changing where the congregation are no longer passive in the pews.

We then were immersed in PowerPoint. Andrew uses Calibri font with a minimum font size of 40. Proofreading several times is important to avoid, for example, “What A Fiend we have in Jesus.” The delights of the snipping tool were explained and other tips that were well worth the $10 fee for the morning! Some, like me, are coming back for another session, after having practised what we learnt last week.  –  Linda Hall.


And it’s all happening again this coming Saturday, 19 May – get the details here



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