Auckland Workshop – 21 April


21 April 2018

“Churches Connecting
with Communities”


Venue: Takapuna Methodist Church

Time: 09.00am until 3.00pm – BYO lunch. Cafes close by

Cost: $10 per person or maximum of $25 per parish group

Morning Programme:
Presenters: Denise Bijoux, Jennifer Moor, Peter Norman

Afternoon Programme: Choose one workshop – Details below
Workshops: Mary Caygill, Andrew Gamman, Bob Franklyn

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Workshop Descriptions

Mary Caygill:

“Why Listening Matters and how can we do it better?”

This workshop looks at the vitally important pastoral skill of listening, and listening at depth. What are some of the basic skills required? What are some of the obstacles that hinder our listening? How do we get beneath the things that matter in order to build bridges across difference and division in order to build stronger relationships within our church communities?

Andrew Gamman:

Alternative Options for Worship

Our worship patterns are not engaging people as they once did. Andrew Gamman will present ideas and resources to help develop worship styles that are more visual and interactive.

Bob Franklyn:

“Mission Shaped Church”

This workshop is about thinking differently about being church in the 21st century. Changing church for a changing world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Download an A4 poster here


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