Palm Sunday Prayer of Confession

Palm Sunday Prayer of Confession

donkeyJesus riding on a donkey
We hail you as our king.
Your way is our way,
You are the man for us –

Or at least you are the man for us
until your way becomes too hard.
When it starts to leave us isolated,
when it costs us money or sleep,
when it all gets too tough
then we put down our palm branches
and join the other crowd,
the ones who cry “Crucify”.

Lord, forgive us because we are so fickle.
When we make the commitment to walk in your way,
when we acknowledge you as King of our lives,
help us to do this knowing that the way may not be easy
but that you will strengthen us for the road ahead.
Help us to know that after crucifixion comes resurrection
and this is the way we walk with you.

Jesus riding on a donkey
we hail you as our King.
Your way is our way – whatever the cost
because we know we walk with you.

© Linda Cowan

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